Month: November 2011

90% off Black Friday travel deals

Everyone knows that BLACK FRIDAY has amazing deals, but who would have thought to get travel deals on black friday? Usually people just look through the ads and stand in line in front of stores before they open, hoping to get the best deals on items. Wouldn’t it be nice to get those deals without […]

When and where to exchange currency

world currency

When traveling abroad, one thing to remember is when to exchange currency and where to exchange currency. Currency exchange rates vary from place to place and day to day. The prices you see on the internet or other media outlets are commercial rates and you can bet that what you will pay, will be a […]

To go or not to go to Windsor Castle

Norman Gate at Windsor Castle England

The first castle that I have ever been to in Europe, was Windsor Castle. I was really excited because I never been to a European castle before. I thought it was going to be huge with stone walls and stuff like in the movies, but it wasn’t. The castle was still pretty big and had […]