Month: January 2012

e-Miles 250,000 miles give away

Are you one of those people who do just about anything to earn frequent flier miles? Well if you are here is an opportunity for you to win MileagePlus or OnePass award miles. e-Miles is giving away 250,000 MileagePlus or OnePass award miles for signing up to e-Miles. If you don’t know what e-Miles is, […]

The Amsterdam Experience

I amsterdam sign in front of the Rijks Museum

The Amsterdam experience, the city of legalized weed and prostitution. This is the what the most people think of when they hear the word Amsterdam. Well the city is much more than that, it is filled with art, history, waterways and stories. Is Hostel the movie happening to me!?!? Let me first start with my […]

Airport Transit guide App

Don’t you just hate getting ripped off at the airport or finding out after the fact that you could have saved money by going another route? Well the Airport Transit Guide App. can help you out. Salk International for years has helped many frequent fliers, travel agents, corporate executives etc. travel from the airport to […]