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Profile pic of me at DelphiMy name is Royce Talbo and I am from Hawaii. Those who really know me, know that I am cheap.  I was raised in a home that was not very well off, I’m not saying that we were poor, but I got to learn the value of a dollar.   Watching my mother clip coupons every weekend, searching and waiting for deals, showed me that I shouldn’t have to pay full price for something that I wanted, I just have to be patient.  She always told me that people either have time or money and lets face it we didn’t have a lot of money. What is my point about all this, well this is how I travel.  There are expensive fast transportation or cheap slow transportation, I often choose the latter.

What made me Interested in Traveling

What really brought upon my passion for travel was from watching the Discovery and National Geographic channels.  I also met this girl from New York that made me think of what other people are like around the world.  I’ve lived on this island my whole life and never got to see how other people live.  There is a whole world out there that has wonderful things to offer us, but we fail to see it because we are too caught up in our daily lives.

My First Trip out of the Country

My first trip out of the country was to Japan for a college foreign exchange program.  I was the most worried person there, with the “what if’s” and “what do I do” questions.  Now look at me, I’m a world-class traveler, but boy was my first trip scary.  I mean for a kid that’s never been out of the country before, to be leaving to go on a trip and live in another country without his family for a while is a pretty scary thing.  Though It ended up as one of the best experiences in my life.  If I had more time in college I would have signed up to do a foreign exchange every semester.

After college I got a job like most people and worked there for a little while.  I worked many hours a day and had little time to have fun or spend money and one day I was just over it.  Now that I had some money saved up, I decided to follow my dream to travel the world.  I packed up my carry-on and hit the road, well the skies actually because I’m from an island remember.

Common Questions I get While Traveling

The common questions you will get when meeting other travelers are, “where are you from,” “where are you going,” and “where have you been?”  When I tell people I am from Hawaii, they are like “wow I never met someone from Hawaii before.  Why are you traveling, you live in paradise.” Sometimes they throw in “if I lived in Hawaii I would never want to leave.”  Then I have to tell them that growing up on an island gets old because it’s an island.  There is no where else you can really go, it’s like you are trapped and there is a whole world to see besides whats on the island.  People who live on continents can easily travel by driving, catching the bus, plane, or train.  Coming from Hawaii the only practical means of travel is to fly and because we are in the middle of the ocean it gets pretty expensive to keep flying in and out of Hawaii.  That’s why I like to travel for long periods of time. It is more cost-effective and remember I’m cheap 😉

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  1. Thanks, Royce, for your generous comments about my app, the Airport Transit Guide. It makes our effort worthwhile when intelligent travelers look favorably upon our guide. You were especially generous since you don’t have an iPhone. Best regards, Ron Salk

    1. No problem Ron, that is what my blog is about to help people out with making their travels a little bit easier. If I believe in it I’ll post it and hopefully it will be able to help others.

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