Bottled water filter, is the water safe?

Is the water safe?

When traveling abroad the question that a lot of people ask, “is the water safe?” You often hear not to drink the water abroad, some even say not to eat raw vegetables because it’s washed in water. Well the safe thing to do is to buy bottled water.

Bottled Water

Constantly buying bottled water is a pain and can be costly. It sucks even more when you can’t take it through security at the airport. Well what I do is purchase one 100 ml. bottled water and refill it. I usually buy 2 liter bottles or a gallon jug to keep refilling. This saves on costs and its a lot easier to carry around a 100 ml. bottled water instead of a 2 liter bottle. I thought well how could I make it even cheaper for me to drink water? That is when I saw the Brita water bottle filter commercial. I thought that would be good to use for travel, if it can filter the bad stuff out of the tap water abroad.

Brita Bottle water filter

It will eliminate the question of “is the water safe?” Well not eliminate, but definitely produce a great solution for this problem. I did a little research and came to find out that Brita does not purify water it just filters it. I thought isn’t that what filtering the water is supposed to do. The Brita website states, “The Britat Bottle Water Filtration System is not intended to purify water. Do not use the water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.” What exactly is the point of this then if it doesn’t filter the impurities of the water. Well after more research the Brita bottled water filter system is supposed to make the water taste good by eliminating the chlorine from tap water, that’s about it.

Back to the drawing board

The Brita water bottle filter idea is a bust, so I guess there is no other solution that to stick with what I have already been doing. Just remember to rinse out the water bottle that you carry around. If anyone knows a better solution please let me know, so I can pass on the knowledge.

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