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Top 10: Most Amazing Hotels in the World

underwater conrad hotel maldives rangali island

There are thousands and thousands of hotels around the world. Some of them are budget, others are luxury, but how many are actually cool hotels that make you say wow. Here is a list of cool hotels around the world. Number 10: Llandudno Lighthouse Hotel, UK Llandudno lighthouse made it on our list as number […]

Life in a day

Life in a day Travel, some people do it to see new places. Some people do it for the food, and some do it for the culture. Then, there are those who do it to experience life. To experience how other people live in the world, how they get by in everyday life. I recently […]

Best Video of Kauai, Hawaii

While watching Youtube I came across the best video of Kauai I have ever seen. Devin Graham captures Kauai beautifully. I grew up on Kauai as a little kid, going into the mountains and to the beaches. This video made me want to go back home and discover more of what Kauai has to offer. […]