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Why You Should Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

us based airline logos

There are many loyalty programs out there for hotels, airlines, rental cars etc. Every loyalty program offers something different, so depending on your needs, determines which programs are right for you. In my post about hotel loyalty programs rewards charts, I talked about some of the best benefits from each program and that I only […]

How To Tip In A Foreign Country

In America, tipping is the norm, but do you know how to tip in a foreign country? Well every country is different and have different standards. Not knowing the tipping etiquette in Japan, I once tipped a lady and she ran out of the restaurant thinking I forgot my money. I told her it was […]

A Useful “Travel Hacking” Video

There are many ways to travel and many ways to pack. Some call them “travel secrets,” others call them “travel hacks,” but no matter what you call them, they are useful tips to help you travel. Recently I stumbled upon a great “travel hack” video while clicking through videos on youtube. At first I was […]

Top 5 Rudest Countries In The World!

Recently I read an article about the rudest countries in the world for tourists. As a traveler I believe there are some rude countries and some not so rude countries, but majority of it is due to the local culture. Some places may seem like the locals are rude, but they are not being rude […]

Kayak Explore More

Kayak Explore Map with prices from Hawaii

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away, but you don’t know where to go? I feel like this all the time. I think it’s island fever LOL. Well coming from Hawaii I often feel trapped and I just want to get away. If you are like me, you probably searched for […]

Finding the best seat on a plane

Riding on an airplane can be uncomfortable, cramped, and frustrating. Well this doesn’t really apply for business or first class, but for the rest of us stuck in economy it can be. It just seems like the seats are getting smaller and smaller. Seating space on a plane We all know there are several classes […]

Airport Transit guide App

Don’t you just hate getting ripped off at the airport or finding out after the fact that you could have saved money by going another route? Well the Airport Transit Guide App. can help you out. Salk International for years has helped many frequent fliers, travel agents, corporate executives etc. travel from the airport to […]

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