Chisun Inn Sapporo Hotel Review

On my visit to Sapporo to see the world famous Sapporo Snow Festival back in February, my girlfriend and I stayed at the Chisun Inn Sapporo. Since this is my first hotel review, let me start by saying that there are five things that I look for are: location, value, cleanliness, security, and service. Everything else doesn’t concern me much as I usually don’t spend much time in the hotel besides resting and showering.

We stayed at the Chisun Inn Sapporo for 9 nights and really enjoyed the Sapporo Snow Festival! We decided to use this as a base location rather than packing up and moving to the Asahikawa and Otaru areas. This led us to look for a hotel that was near a subway station or train station, so that we could easily commute. The location was great, it was about 5 to 7 minute walk from Sapporo Station.

Directions from Sapporo Station

  • Take the left South exit, the taxi stands should be on your right and Esta should be on your left.
  • Keep going South crossing the street by Esta and continue for 2 blocks.
  • You should see a 7-11 or 7&i mini mart on your left, directly across from that is the entrance to Chisun Inn Sapporo.


The location is great because you have a mini mart right across the street to pick up snacks or dinner on the way back to the hotel. Another good thing about being close to the station is that there are lots of places to eat, especially breakfast when you don’t want to pay hotel prices and you don’t want to travel far for breakfast. It was also walking distance to Odori Park where the snow festival was held. Also in walking distance was the Former Hokkaido Government Building, the Clock Tower, Sapporo Factory and some other attractions. The one bad thing I didn’t like about the location is that it was right between the 2 subway stops. It was about 15 minutes walking in either direction.

Location rating: 4/5

chisun inn sapporo

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When we got to the hotel, we checked in on the 6th floor and there was a mix up in our booking. For some reason we made one reservation, but was booked for 2 single rooms. I don’t think this is the fault of the Hotel, rather the booking site that we went through. The front desk staff was nice enough to accommodate us with a double bed room. The staff there spoke enough English to communicate, but not enough to have a conversation. As with most Japanese service, they were very pleasant and willing to help.

Service rating: 3/5


We went to our room which was conveniently located around the corner from the front desk. The room was small and the bathroom was made of plastic like any other typical Japanese hotel I have stayed in. The room was a little old, but nothing worn out and it was clean which is what really mattered. One of the things I didn’t like was that you could smell the smoke from other rooms through the vents and from the hall; I hate the smell of smoke! Being lucky enough to live in Hawaii, where it is illegal to smoke indoors, I have forgotten the awful, choking smell of it. Some nights I would have to spray the air freshener and put a tower by the door to block the smell from coming in. The other thing I was disappointed with was that only certain rooms had internet and unfortunately my room wasn’t one of them.

Cleanliness rating: 3/5

chisun inn sapporo room

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chisun inn sapporo bathroom

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As far as security I felt it was pretty secure. The area surrounding the hotel felt safe, there were no signs leading you to believe otherwise. No graffiti, no bums, no trash laying around. You are probably thinking, that is because it is Japan and everywhere is clean, but I been to some places where it was unclean and felt unsafe to be in at night around Japan. The hotel itself was not secure to get into the building, but this is the case with most places in Japan. The rooms felt secure enough that I was able to leave my laptop and camera lenses out without hesitation. If you don’t feel it is secure you can always leave your valuables with the front desk and they will put it in their safe.

Security rating: 4/5


As far as Value goes it was pretty good. For the days of the festival it was a little high, but so was everywhere else. On the days following, it dropped down to $38 a night. For the price and location, not to mention that it was clean, I would say I got a good value out of it.

Value rating: 3/5


Overall it was in a great location, the service was on par with the rest of Japan, the room was clean, it felt safe, and it was priced right. Would I stay here again? If I could find another place similar to this in location and value, probably not. If there was no other place like that, then maybe. The things that stood out to me as the biggest drawbacks for this hotel was the smoky smell coming into the room and the lack of internet.

Overall rating: 3/5

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