Delta 747 Economy Comfort Review From HNL-NRT

Last week my girlfriend and I had an unplanned trip to Tokyo, Japan on Delta Airlines. We initially tried to get a flight out to San Francisco on a standby buddy pass. Unfortunately we were not able to get on a flight to San Fran., so we decided to go the other direction to Tokyo instead. Here is my first review on Delta Airlines.


Check In

Check in was a breeze with lots of kiosks and no bags to check in. The security lines were not too long, but there were only 2 lines that bottle necked into 1 machine. We all had to wait to use the newer looking X-ray machine instead of the older metal detector machine, which was right next to it in the other line.

This is how our trip began, we woke up early to catch the 8 AM flight from Honolulu to San Fran, but was not able to get on. We ask the gate agent a few questions and she was not very friendly at all. After not getting on the flight, we were rolled over to the next flight at 11:30 AM. Seeing where we were on the list, we knew that we wouldn’t be getting on that flight either. I over heard one of the other standby passengers saying that they were going to Japan first, then route to San Fran. This was a great idea, but at the time we didn’t have our passports. After waiting a while my girlfriend’s mom picked us up and brought us home. We checked the flights that night to San Fran. and it wasn’t looking good. Then we checked the flights to Tokyo and they still had available seats on the next flight. We grabbed our passports and raced back the airport at 11:20 AM for a 12:50 PM flight.


Again the kiosks were empty and no bags, so that saved us time. The security lines were about the same length, so not a problem there. We were able to get to the gate counter a little before they opened the gate for boarding. We got called by the gate agent for our seating assignment and she was very friendly with no attitude at all. I had the same experience with United agents, in that the domestic agents are not that friendly, while the international agents are really nice. The same goes for Hawaiian. I guess they put all the nice people on the international flights.


The Plane

On the flight there we caught a 747 airplane in economy comfort. Economy comfort is a little better seat than economy, which gives you an extra 4 inches of leg room.  The plane was a bit newer and you had your own personal touch screen TV monitor with a load of movies to choose from.  Another plus to sitting in economy comfort is that you also get an adjustable padded head rest and access to a power outlet. It also felt like the seat actually reclined a little more than economy seats, but I’m not sure if that was just my imagination.  After checking the Delta website, it does states that there is up to 50% more recline, so I guess I wasn’t imagining things. You can also check the other benefits that comes with economy comfort on

  Delta 747-400 seating

The Food

The food was terrible as usual, but I have had worse. I chose the chicken and rice, which tasted like mushy powder. It was like old rice that they didn’t wash and that they tried to revive by soaking it in water or something. Worst tasting rice I have ever tried. The chicken also tasted a bit dry on the inside and mushy powder on the outside. Luckily before landing they gave us sandwiches as snacks. It is hard to go wrong with sandwiches and I would much rather have had sandwiches for both meals than terrible food. Maybe airlines should just stick to things that are hard to screw up, like sandwiches, hotdogs or something. It’s probably cheaper for them and tastes better for us, don’t you agree?  That’s it for this review, hope this helps and sorry I don’t have any pictures of the plane this time.


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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Delta. I don’t actually like flying with them because they have one of the worst customer service in the industry (on and off board). Every time I land at their HUB in ATL and I just take a few steps out of the plane, I am mortified! There is always someone crying or kicking their bags, etc – always some show of frustration. This show of negative emotion always makes me feel really bad because I’ve been in their place, too. Top that off that recently my on board experience with one of the flight attendant on my flight from HNL to SEA was really awkward. The only good things Delta have going is that they can get to many places other airlines can not, especially the smaller airports. And because they have so many flights, their cost is lower than most other airlines. I think more than adding extra leg room, they should add value in the customer care. This to me would be a much better expense for over all satisfaction. At least in my opinion. And don’t get me started on their food … !
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    1. Wow I never knew that they were that bad. I hardly fly on Delta because availability for award flights are not that great and I don’t like to pay to fly. I only fly with them because of the buddy passes. For the price of 1 economy ticket to Japan, we can get 2 tickets with a chance of business class. To me that is worth all the hassle and we can change our ticket at the last minute if there are available seats.

      I think majority of the airlines should do an overhaul on their customer service. If Delta were the only one to do this, I think it would put them ahead. But it will probably never happen because big companies hardly ever care about their lower level employees. Haha I think we can all rant on and on about the airlines food. With all the people complaining, I don’t know why the airlines doesn’t do something about it.

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