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Hotel loyalty programs are something that all frequent flyers consider joining, but which one is the right one for you?  Well there are several things to consider, location, perks, price of award nights etc. For me, I look for location and how easily I can earn free nights.  I’m not one to spend lots of points on one night at a luxury hotel.  Instead, I would rather spend many nights at a category 1-4 hotel for the same amount of points as a luxury hotel.  Though everyone has different tastes in what they look for in a hotel loyalty program, we all have one thing in common, we all spend time researching.

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I find that every so often, I go back and forth comparing hotel chains in several internet window tabs. This led me to the idea that if I do this, then many other people must do this too.  This made me think again what could I do to make things easier for myself and others.  Well, I have compiled all the major us hotel loyalty program rewards charts into one place.  Granted not all programs had a chart, but for the ones that did here you go.  This is based on one free night in a standard hotel room unless stated otherwise.

Best Western Rewards

Best Western has over 4000 hotels worldwide, so it is pretty easy to find one nearby where you are going.  Best Western’s Loyalty Program is simply called Best Western Rewards.  Unfortunately they don’t have any rewards chart available.  Though I have not found any chart, there are 8 categories of hotels, the lowest starting at 8000 points.  To get these points Best Western make you redeem your Best Western Rewards for something called a “Global Free Night Room Voucher.”  After you have redeemed enough rewards for vouchers, you can then book a free night.


Choice privileges

Choice Hotels has more than 6000 hotels worldwide, again it should be pretty easy to locate one near your destination.  The Choice Hotel’s Loyalty Program is called Choice Privileges. This is another brand that does not have an awards chart, but they do have a special page listing how much points each hotel’s free night(s) will cost.  Free nights start at 6000 points and vary by hotel and time of year you are staying there.


Club Carlson

Club Carlson is the loyalty program of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has over 1000 hotels worldwide. The best part about this hotel loyalty program is their credit card. As a credit card holder, if you stay 2 or more nights you get the last night free! In other words if you stay only 2 nights it’s a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE kind of deal!

club carlson rewards chart


Hilton Hhonors

Hilton’s Loyalty Program is called Hilton Hhonors. Hilton has over 3900 hotels and resorts worldwide, again not that hard to find one near you destination. The best thing about the Hhonors program is that it is really easy to earn points. The down side is that Hilton has the most categories of all the hotel loyalty programs and the high-end categories cost a lot.  If you are a silver, gold, or diamond elite member you can redeem points for 4 nights and get the 5th night free.


hilton rewards chart


Hyatt Gold Passport

Hyatt’s Loyalty Program is called Hyatt Gold Passport. Though not one of the big hotel chains that offers hotels everywhere, Hyatt has over 400 quality hotels around the world. Hyatt is also not one of the easiest to earn points, but the good thing is that the points required for a free night is cheaper than some of the other hotel loyalty programs. Where Hyatt really shines is in the value of points required for their top tier hotels.

hyatt rewards chart


IHG Rewards Club A.K.A Priority Club

The Intercontinental Hotels Group or IHG has a loyalty program called the IHG Rewards Club. In the past their loyalty program was known as the Priority Club.  IHG has 4,600 properties in nearly 100 countries. On top of the number of hotels IHG has, they are one of the easiest, if not the easiest loyalty program to earn a free night. The best part about IHG Rewards Club is their PointBreaks program. This lets you book hotels for only 5000 points per night! Hotels randomly change every few months so be on the lookout for whats available because the good ones go fast!


ihg rewards chart



Marriott Rewards

Marriott’s hotel Loyalty Program is called simply called Marriott Rewards. Marriott has over 3,600 hotels in over 70 countries, making them not too hard to find. Along with Hyatt, Marriott has free award nights priced reasonably well, with the great value at their top tier hotels.  Marriott also offers a 5th night free when redeeming 4 nights.  On top of having something in common with Hyatt and Hilton, they also have something in common with IHG.  They have points savers, though not nearly as great as IHG, they do offer a 33% discount on points required.  Marriott also had a separate rewards chart for Ritz-Carlton Hotels.


marriott rewards chart

marriott ritz carlton rewards chart



Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood Hotels Loyalty Program is called the Starwood Preferred Guest or SPG.  Starwood Hotels has over 1,100 hotels around the world and at really good rates at the lower tiers. SPG points maybe one of the hardest to earn among the hotel loyalty programs, but it is one of the most sought after points. SPG has redemption nights for as little as 2,000 points for a weekend night in a category 1 hotel. The biggest value of their points though is their ability to transfer 20,000 points to 25,0000 miles into many frequent flyer programs. They also have what is called “Nights and Flights,” where you combine 60,000 points for 5 nights in a category 3 hotel plus 50,000 miles or 70,000 miles for 5 nights in a category 4 hotel plus 50,000 miles. One last thing that is a great benefit that many frequent flyers mention is the use of their “Cash & Points” awards, though many other hotel programs have this, SPG’s value is one of the best.  Oh yeah they are another hotel loyalty program that also offers the 5th night free.spg rewards chart


Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Hotel’s Loyalty Program is called Wyndham Rewards. Wyndham is the biggest out of the 9 hotel loyalty programs I have mentioned today with over 7,000 locations worldwide. Though Wyndham is international, majority of its hotels is located in North America. The best uses of these hotels/motels/inns that I have heard about, is that it’s conveniently located near almost all major airports in the U.S. and at a reasonable cost. Though not as good as SPG, Wyndham does have a great transfer rate of points to miles at 2.5:1, which a lot of frequent flyers take advantage of.

wyndham rewards chart


Now that you know the basics of each hotel loyalty program, you can decide which one(s) you would like to sign up for, if not all.  Like I stated earlier I like to just stick to a few and rack up points in those that I know have locations where I will be going and are easy to earn free nights.  Again everyone has a different traveling style, so only you can decide how to earn and use points.  I hope I made things a little easier for you by compiling all these award charts into one place.

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  1. Good summary. However, it would be helpful if you also referenced the earning side in this comparison.

    The fact that I can redeem the W in DC for only 12,000 points but the Hampton Inn Peoria is a whopping 30,000 points means nothing unless I know that I’m earning 2 points per dollar with SPG and 15 points per dollar with Hilton.

    Once you factor in the earning ratio, you’ll see that the Hampton Peoria costs a lot less (a free night after spending $2,000 with HHonors) compared to the W (where I’d have to spend $4,000 with SPG to get a free night there).

    Without including the earning rates, it’d be like saying that a TV in Mexico costs 13,000 but only 1,000 in the USA–sounds a lot cheaper here until you realize that one U.S. dollar is worth 13 times as much as a Mexican peso.

    1. Thanks for the comment jackal. This list was made more to compare points all in one place instead of switching back and forth to different windows. I get where you are coming from, but there is just so much ways to earn points. I feel the value of points depends on how you get them and which hotels you use them for.

      For example it is easier to earn free nights with IHG by stacking codes and promotions than it would be to earn free nights at SPG through promotions. It would also be better to use SPG credit card to churn gift cards than with IHG. If you look at SPG Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers cost 4000 baht or $126 vs Sheraton Rome Hotel & Conference center is 115 Euro or $153, for the same date. Both are category 3 hotels that cost the same amount of points, but are valued differently.

      There is just too much details that I didn’t want to get into it here. I will eventually be reviewing and evaluating each program to cover these points. Again this was made just for convenience to see how much a free night is, not to make them compete against each other.

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