Kauai’s Glass Sand Beach

Last weekend I went to the island of Kauai for my dad’s wedding. It was a nice, small and simple wedding. The wedding was held at night, so we had time to kill during the day.  Not knowing what to do, we decided to check out some things on the internet.  One thing that caught my eye was Kauai’s Glass Sand Beach.  I was born on Kauai and visited the island often, but I have never been to Glass Sand Beach.

Beach full of Glass

Glass Sand Beach is something interesting to see, as a lot of the beach is made of glass. There are millions of pieces of glass scattered along the black sand beach. Over the years, the tide and the sand polish the pieces of glass to make it smooth and frosty.

kauai's glass sand beach

glass sand beach kauai

black sand glass beach kauai


Getting there is very easy as Kauai only has one major road.

  1. Head west till you reach the town of Ele’ele.
  2. Take the Port Allen exit, located by the Mcdonalds at Ele’ele shopping center.
  3. Drive down Waialo Road pass the warehouses.
  4. Take a left after the warehouses and continue down the road pass the white takers till you reach the end of the road.
  5. There will be a dirt road that you will have to walk for about 2 minutes before you reach the beach.

Hawaiian Monk Seal

As a bonus to seeing the glass sand beach we got to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal taking a nap on the rocks. It has been years since I have seen one. I would say about 15 years, so it was pretty cool to get a picture of it in the wild. hawaiian monk seal taking a nap

One word of advice, don’t take all the blue or green glass. Each glass piece takes about 10-30 years to be polished and smoothed out, so leave some for others to appreciate. When we got there, a lot of the nice blue pieces were taken and what was left where mostly browns and clears.
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