Cheap Airline Miles through Wyndham

airplane sunset flying off into the sunset with cheap miles

Wyndham Points Sale On Dailygetaways! Are you a frequent flier looking to earn extra or cheap miles? Well there are special deals on Wyndham Points April 23, 2012 on If you are a frequent flier, you do not want to miss this deal! Dailygetaways is giving you 5 deals, yes 5 deals from Wyndham. […]

Kunsthistorisches Museum – Vienna, Austria

Beautiful Kunsthistorisches Museum second floor view of the stairs and cafe

Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the nicest museums, if not the nicest in Vienna, Austria. Colin and I went to check it out one day and let me tell you, the architecture was amazing. As soon as you enter you are wowed by the beautiful architecture. Vienna also has some really amazing architecture through out […]

Arriving in Vienna, Austria

Back side of the Hostel in Vienna

Colin and I woke up early, hurried to the train station and said goodbye to Prague. When we arrived in Vienna, we followed the directions to our hostel up on the hill. We arrived at what appeared to be a beautiful building. We checked the address to see if we are at the right place. […]

Best Video of Kauai, Hawaii

While watching Youtube I came across the best video of Kauai I have ever seen. Devin Graham captures Kauai beautifully. I grew up on Kauai as a little kid, going into the mountains and to the beaches. This video made me want to go back home and discover more of what Kauai has to offer. […]

Kayak Explore More

Kayak Explore Map with prices from Hawaii

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away, but you don’t know where to go? I feel like this all the time. I think it’s island fever LOL. Well coming from Hawaii I often feel trapped and I just want to get away. If you are like me, you probably searched for […]

Prague Nightlife: The Pub Crawl

Prague pub crawl stop 1

After resting a bit from our hike around Prague, Colin and I met up with our roommates Scott, and Dave. We met up at 8:30 and headed off to the meeting point. When we get there, we were instructed to get on a bicycle table thing and had to pedal to our destination. It was […]

Train to Prague

On the day that we caught the train to Prague, Colin and I woke up early. We headed down to grab some delicious breakfast, well not really. Like I mentioned earlier in another post, the breakfast there isn’t my kind of continental breakfast. It was just fruits, bread and cold cuts, but it was better […]

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